Vision, Mission and Values

High Cointanment Api Synthesis Unit


At Angelini Pharma, we work every day to grow as a leading European Pharma Company that makes a difference in patients’ life. Since 1919.


We aspire to become a leading European player in innovation, offering people, patients and their beloved ones new medicines and solutions to achieve better health outcomes and higher quality of life.

We make our vision real through robust pipeline growth, strong collaborations with best-in-class Research Institutes and valuable partnerships with our strategic allies.

We pledge to successfully develop distinctive treatments for Mental Health conditions (incl. Pain), Central Nervous System (CNS) and Rare Diseases while selectively strengthening our leading position in the Consumer Healthcare segment.


ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITY: we take care of our employees, of patients and consumers. The respect of the highest ethical standards is the basis of all our actions and our decisions are oriented by a long-term perspective.
We are committed to ensuring a sustainable economic development of the company, to safeguarding the environment and the communities in which we operate.
PERFORMANCE: each of us is responsible for achieving their goals and those of our Team. We are determined to get things done and to do our best in all circumstances, with speed, rigor and transparency. We seek excellence, constantly looking for ambitious goals. We face difficulties with determination and resilience.
INNOVATION: we encourage the development and testing of new effective and concrete solutions.
We challenge the status quo.
We manage complexity and instances in a world that is constantly changing . We take responsibility for courageous choices aimed for the growth and development of the company. We learn from our mistakes and pursue continuous improvement.
ENGAGEMENT: we are positive, motivated and open to new ideas, styles and perspectives. We promote collaboration within the group. We value skills and reward merit. We share and celebrate the company’s successes and the achievements of our people.

Our Core Behaviours

INTEGRITY: We act with integrity, trust, respect and transparency

PERFORMANCE: We are passionate to achieve goals with urgency, striving for excellence without compromising on quality and safety

INNOVATION: We are forward thinkers, experimenting new solutions with speed and agility

COLLABORATION: We champion working together in high performing teams

COURAGE: We speak up and challenge the status quo giving and accepting feedback

PASSION: We work with passion, energy and positive attitude