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Angelini Fine Chemicals is Angelini Pharma S.p.A. Business Unit fully dedicated to the development and manufacture of small molecules API for the global Pharmaceutical market.

Located in Aprilia (Southern Rome Area – Italy), with 70.000 m2 of state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility and R&D labs, Angelini Fine Chemicals is at the forefront of development and manufacturing of custom small molecule Intermediates, Regulatory Starting Materials as well as APIs. As a leading CDMO, Angelini Fine Chemicals helps pharmaceutical Clients advance their drug development programs, from early clinical phases up to commercial manufacturing from Kilo up to multi-tons scale.

Angelini Fine Chemicals offers a vast range of technologies to resolve complex chemistry and scale-up issues for your small molecule development projects. With a continuous program of investment in R&D and novel chemical technologies, our API expertise is highly recognized in the global pharmaceutical outsourcing market for our custom development and manufacturing services.

Discover your next CDMO partner and about how Angelini Fine Chemicals may help you to expediting your R&D pipeline development to the pharmaceutical market.

  1. TURNOVER 34 Million Euros/year

    Fine Chemicals turnover is based on sales through our Clients (not considering captive use)


    Management of 2 to 5 project/years for API and HPAPI

  3. More than 350 Mtons/year

    Delivered to our Clients as API and HPAPI with more than 1200 Mtons/year including intermediates produced in house