Custom synthesis

Custom Synthesis 1

Passion for chemistry, skilled people and cutting-edge equipment – the perfect formula to meet all your process development and scale-up needs.

Angelini Fine Chemicals helps pharmaceutical customers bringing new brand drugs to market.

With over 50 years of experience in API manufacturing, our deep knowledge is a valuable tool to companies seeking an attractive and trustworthy CDMO business partner in advancing their R&D pipeline development from bench to market. R&D labs and manufacturing plant span a vast range of technologies ensuring to resolve complex chemistry and scale-up issues for developing and manufacturing of your clinical and commercial products.

A skilled R&D team of synthetic and process chemists will head your drug development programs, by conceiving efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly synthetic routes. Angelini R&D chemists have practical familiarity in executing multi-step synthesis and in handling of complex and hazard chemical reactions, guaranteeing the success of your small molecules development programs. With well-integrated R&D labs and production facilities, get your API at any scale you need: from kg up to multi-tons.