Kilo Lab 2

Angelini R&D team can rapidly develop scalable, robust and cost-effective chemical synthesis that can be readily transferred to our kilo-labs either as a proof of concept study, or for scale-up and delivery of material to support your early clinical supply as well as small volume API and HPAPI.

Angelini's state-of-the-art R&D features advanced kilo-lab specifically designed to support medicinal chemistry programs and carry out chemical development studies and new API development processes in a larger-scale reactions. The facility features walk-in fume hoods equipped with a wide set of glass reactors (up to 30 L) backed with all latest advanced synthetic and analytical instruments. In addition, Angelini R&D scale-up facility offers capabilities such as rapid implementation of large chromatography columns and containment equipment option for potent compounds.

Angelini’s facility also has a 80 m2 cGMP kilo-lab, capable to produce kilogram quantities of cGMP product for toxicological, clinical trials and small-scale commercial manufacturing (up to 5 kg scale). The facility consists of walk-in fume hoods and two process hoods containing 15 L glass reactors, supported by advanced process equipment able of handling a wide large-scale reactions for manufacturing of several target molecules.

Equipped with HEPA filtered intake and exhaust air, negatively pressurized suites, and laminar flow hoods (Class C) for safe handling of solids and powders, Angelini cGMP kilo-lab is environmentally classified "Class D" and is suitable of commercial manufacturing of ophthalmic APIs.