Who we are


    Fine Chemicals turnover is based on sales through our Clients (not considering captive use)


    Management of 2 to 5 project/years for API and HPAPI

  3. More than 300 Mtons/year

    Delivered to our Clients as API and HPAPI with more than 1200 Mtons/year including intermediates produced in house


  1. API expertise

    Angelini’s strength in API Research & Development is proven by being the partner of choice for large pharma and smaller biotech companies seeking integrated drug development solutions to accelerate R&D pipelines from bench to market.
  2. Kilo-lab

    Angelini R&D team can rapidly develop scalable, robust and cost-effective chemical synthesis that can be readily transferred to our kilo-labs either as a proof of concept study, or for scale-up and delivery of material to support your early clinical supply as well as small volume API and HPAPI.
  3. Reaction Technology

    Angelini Fine Chemicals has a long tradition in API industry and has built up a comprehensive capability and expertise to carry out complex and hazardous operations for the manufacturing API and HPAPI, safely, in accordance with cGMP standards and customer quality expectations.

Our responsability

  1. Sustainability

    As part of Angelini Pharma, sustainability is fully integrated into the business strategy of Angelini Fine Chemicals. The operations and activities in Angelini are based on compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with ethically acceptable operating practices.
  2. Ethics

    Angelini S.p.A. believes it is necessary to guarantee, promote and consolidate a culture distinguished by correctness, integrity and transparency when conducting its activities and in respect of all its stakeholders.
  3. Quality

    Angelini Fine Chemicals’ Quality Management System has been regularly inspected by Italian Medicines Agency AIFA, with the first FDA inspection being conducted in 1979.
  4. EHS

    Angelini Fine Chemicals, as part of the Angelini Pharma, is faithful to its mission and values, and is committed to creating this shared value with its employees and stakeholders.