Angelini fine chemicals next investments in custom service

Angelini fine chemicals next investments in custom service

Published: 23 Oct 2019

Angelini Fine Chemicals Division, a leading Italian CDMO, announced new investments in novel technology and custom synthesis facilities. Over last few years Angelini Fine Chemicals has been going through a robust growth program in chemistry and manufacturing capabilities, to support developing and manufacturing of custom APIs. The expansion to custom facilities at Aprilia plant enable Angelini to reinforce its chemical technology portfolio, offering its existing and future customers tailor-made services for custom synthesis.

In addition to the manufacturing capacity, Angelini Fine Chemicals will expand research and development capabilities at its site in Aprilia, Italy. A new R&D laboratory will be built, combining both chemistry and analytical development capabilities to increase the number of custom synthesis projects in the Company’s development portfolio. The facility will be equipped with a proper HVAC system, pharmaceutical personnel and material passboxes, OEB4 isolators, for the manufacturing and the handling of challenging and hazardous High Containment APIs molecules, all the relevant utilities and the installation of niche and high-barrier-to-entry technologies with the highest standard available in the industry, allowing manufacturing chemists to access to novel chemical spaces.

In particular, a Lab flow reactor along with a PAT will be installed, in order to widen the process capability also to few grams production for custom synthesis feasibility studies purposes and to monitor the on-going reaction at real time both in batch and flow production.

The expansion and optimization of Angelini Fine Chemicals plant are both there to sustain the growth our CDMO business. Building on its long experience and tradition in API manufacturing, Angelini Fine Chemicals aims to help pharmaceutical customers to bring brand API to market. For this reason, Angelini Fine Chemicals is considered an attractive and trustworthy CDMO partner with full confidence guaranteed by the history and strength of the Angelini Group in the pharmaceutical market.